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Jo woke up in a hospital bed. She could hear people rushing around. She couldn't remember how she had arrived there, nor could she remember who she was. All she knew was her name and that she had to hurry. Hurry away from someone who was probably already chasing her and hurry up to... to whom? She thought... She knew she had left someone behind in order to do something important but she couldn´t remember who that person was and what that important thing she had had to do was. She closed her eyes and pressed her forehead with the fingers of her right hand. She tried to make out details of her past...

Her name was Jo. She had a friend who was almost a sister to her, a red haired girl she had met by chance... the red haired girl was important but she couldn´t remember her name. She was the person Jo had left behind. The girl´s face covered in tears as Jo was telling her to stay behind came back as a strong memory, but she couldn´t remember the reason why she was leaving.

Another memory, a dark skinned girl, a boy and a little girl who were the red haired girl´s family. Jo couldn´t remember their names but she knew the red haired girl had gone away with Jo to allow them to have a peaceful life.

There were two more persons: a dark haired woman and another little girl. Jo and the red haired girl lived with them. They had gone through a lot of shit together, though Jo couldn´t remember what had that shit exactly consisted on.

She forced herself to remember more but it was useless. She couldn´t remember their faces nevertheless their names. People kept rushing around the hospital corridors. People and places kept popping up in Jo´s mind.

A dark haired guy was a member of the team. Which team? All she got were blurred images. Shotguns. Explosions. Screams. Running. Violence. Excitement.

A kid who had tried to join her and the red haired girl. Jo had dismissed him. Why? Something about danger...

Jo gave up. She left her hand go down and aside her body.

She tried to remember things about herself. Again, she knew her name. Nothing more. She couldn´t remember her age, the place where she was from, nothing.

The more she though the more urgent the need of running away raised. She could not trust the people from the hospital. They would know she was there if she stayed. Who where they? It didn't matter. They were going to take her away. They had already done it in the past. If she wanted to find her family she would have to stay hidden. She would have to be careful.

She stood up. She was wearing a hospital dressing gown. She slipped out of the room and walked carefully to what she recognized as a resting room for doctors and nurses. It was empty. She entered the room and closed the door behind her. None noticed her, they were too busy carrying injured people around. What had happened? Had she had anything to do with it? Was it the reason why she was being pursued?

She opened a wardrobe and picked up some street clothes. As she dressed, she kept trying to pull things together. Her memories were blurry and gave her headache. She tried to remember how she had arrived to the hospital. The answer was the memory of an explosion. Something had exploded as she was inside. She tried to put the though aside but it was too late.
Images kept coming to her mind. She could feel, as if it were happening right now, all over the again, the fire burning against her skin, the walls and the roof falling over her as she tried to get out... as she tried to pull the woman who was with her out. Then there was nothing. Pain. Darkness surrounded her and vanished leaving her in the hospital room where she had awakened.

She finished dressing up. She had chosen short jeans and a topless T-shirt. It was the most comfortable clothing she had been able to find. She had also got a pair of sport trainers.

As she slipped away from the hospital, she wondered what kind of doctor went to work dressing like that. Actually, many random thoughts were going through her head. How could it be that she remembered nothing but her name but still the streets were so familiar to her? If she had been in the middle of an explosion, how was it possible that she was barely injured? She only had a couple of bandages around her left arm, her chest and her head. She felt no pain but that could be caused by some drug she had received as she was unconscious.

She walked down the street, trying to get as away as possible from the hospital. There were people everywhere. They moved around like ants. Jo could easily tell where the ambulances were coming from. She looked in that direction and so a building, probably a tower, in flames. Was that the place where she had been taken from? Had it anything to do with those who were chasing her?

She kept walking without paying much attention to her surroundings but at the same time well aware of everything around her. Was her mind playing tricks on her? How could she be so deep in her own thoughts and still hear and gather information from the conversation held by people around her? For what she could get, the building in flames belonged to something called RAPT...

RAPT!!! The Recent Armed Police of Tokyo... they were the ones behind her, they were the ones who had taken her again once and who would willingly take her away again... Away from who? The red haired girl´s face popped in her mind, tears running down her cheeks as she begged Jo to stay with her. Why had she left her? Memories became blurry again.

She heard someone shouting insults. She looked around and saw a girl fighting with a burglar who was trying to steal her bag. Jo didn´t give it a second thought, she rushed towards the burglar and punched him in the face. He tried to fight back but it was useless, Jo´s reflections were better. As the heat of the fight raised, she felt energy flowing through her left arm and a tattoo started to shine with bright blue light.

The burglar ran away. The girl who had been attacked stared at Jo in surprise and then with anger.

- I don´t need help!!! – She shouted – And less from a Genocide Angel like you!!!

- A WHAT?!?! – Jo asked.

- Don't play fool on me!!! – She answered.

- I don't really know what you are talking about? – Jo said – Do you know who I am? Can you tell me how did I arrive here?

- You... did you lose your memory or what? – Now the girl was shocked.

- I suppose... I don't know who I am or how I arrived here... all I know is my name.

-Which is?


- Ok... Maybe I committed a mistake... – The girl looked into Jo´s eyes, they were too human to belong to a Genocide Angel – Why don't you come with me? I might be able to help you.

- How? – Jo did not feel suspicious towards the girl, she was sure she wasn't one of them.

-I will take you to sensei, he will know what you are.

This is the prologue to Burst Angel, The Fallen. Hope you enjoy it.

I do not claim any copyrights over Burst Angel. Burst Angel original artworks and storyline belong to Koichi Ohata, Ugetsu Hakua and Minoru Murao.

The prologue takes place just after the events related on the last episode of the anime series. The rest of the story takes place five years after the events related on the last episode of the anime series.

English isnīt my native language, so forgive me if I misspell anything and correct me if you will.

If you feel like sharing/ translating this story to any other language, please let me know so I can add the translation links to the description and remember to post the link to the original.

If this inspires you to do some sort of artwork like drawing, painting or whatever, feel free to do it and please sent me a link so I can add it to the description, too.

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CheshFire Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011   General Artist
I'm afraid I've never seen/read Burst Angel so a lot of this doesn't make sense to me. But as far as writing goes you need to keep character introductions, even short ones, separate. Instead of her remembering bunches of snippets, memories of lots of people, at first you just need her to remember just one. Slowly introduce the others as chapters go by. Set up your own character first to give the reader something to grab on to. The first three paragraphs need to describe the main character and setting only. Don't be afraid to add descriptions of smell in there too, or the feel of a material the character Jo wakes up on.

Keep it up, writing a story isn't easy. :)
MetalPorSiempre Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you
CheshFire Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011   General Artist
You're welcome! :heart:
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